Sfida 4.0, conceived of and coordinated by SEI Consulting, a Business Consulting company joined in June in the EY network, is the Digital Factory just outside of Brescia that is the reference point for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises in Italy.

1200 square meters devoted to programs of innovation and experiential training for companies. Discover the challenge by clicking on the interactive areas of the project!

Sfida 4.0, created with a team of over 30 industrial and technological partners, with the sponsorship of Confindustria Lombardia’s Young Entrepreneurs group and the Observatory for Business Development and Management of the University of Brescia, brings together all of the features of Digital Manufacturing into a single vision for participants of the fourth industrial revolution, through courses in:

  • business innovation and improving processes and services;
  • development and application of the key enabling technologies of Industry 4.0;
  • experiential training on issues related to industrial innovation and to the business world, as well as to the general improvement of processes and potential uses of new technology;
  • development of active policies of work-related training, with a strong focus on new technologies and innovation generally.

The Digital Factory hosts three projects of experiential training, each of which represents a specific business model:

  1. A “capital intensive” factory, represented by a highly automated production plant whose output is a pneumatic quick-connect coupling, where the critical issues are the long set-up times for the machinery, excessive stops for breakdowns, the efficacy of and time needed for quality control, and a constantly overstocked warehouse;
  2. A “labour intensive” factory, based on assembly work whose output is a "bicycle" for children that is customized with accessories, where the inefficiencies consist in the overly long times for assembly and for worker training, in the waits due to shortages of materials, in the excessive times of internal movement, and finally in the ineffective quality control;
  3. A "service intensive” business, comparable to the offices of a service company, represented by a sushi restaurant, which sees its main objective as providing good food but more especially as offering high quality service, and which has to deal with long waiting times, frequent mistakes in service, excessive movement of workers, and difficulty in reporting internally and to the central offices.

Sfida 4.0 also features areas dedicated to collaborative robots, to the Internet of Things, and to prototyping with 3D printers. It gives a prominent place to cutting-edge technologies, technological start-ups and to the Obeya Room, a physical space where the project teams meet, work together, and share information with the support of new business methodologies based on the principles of Lean Office and Agile Project Management.

Sfida 4.0 offers a model for digitalizing an entire company and for the use of the latest technologies, the pillars of which are:

  • technological integration
  • factory – office integration
  • overall efficiency

But at the heart of which are the skills and talent of the human resources.

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