Lean Production 4.0

Practical courses for Capital Intensive Companies, in a real digital factory, where they will learn the methods of Lean Production and see firsthand the principal 4.0 technologies, including: machine integration systems; predictive maintenance; real-time remote monitoring systems; collaborative robots; smart logistics.

Lean Assembly 4.0

Practical courses for Labour Intensive Companies, in a real 4.0 assembly line, to learn the methods of Lean Production and optimize work processes thanks to: augmented reality systems; IoT support for optimizing assembly; data gathering systems on the line for real-time monitoring; e-Kanban.

Lean Services 4.0

Practical courses for Service Intensive Companies, in a Sushi Bar, comparable to the offices of a company, to learn how optimize and digitalize service management, by reducing complexity with a positive impact on waiting times, the quality of services provided, and the experience of the users of the service.

Technologies 4.0

Specialized courses, with our partners, to get to know and use the latest enabling technologies, including: collaborative robots; predictive maintenance tools; IoT technologies; RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy technology; CNC machine programming.

Processes and Data Warehouse 4.0

In the 4.0 context, making decision based on data is fundamental for the success of a business. Our courses show the tools and the methods for managing and capitalizing on the enormous amounts of information, which is increasingly consistent and heterogeneous, generated by the new 4.0 sources.

Management 4.0

Course to train 4.0 Managers, figures who are required to: improve processes through technological roadmaps; manage and analyze data, creating value from them; know the most important smart technologies; accompany their team through a critical cultural change.